After your observation is completed

The PI and the person submitting the schedule block will receive an email providing an update on the status of the observation, and a link to the dataset in the archive.

Please take note of the following points:

  • Note that due to disk storage constraints, data will be moved off active disk storage to tape after six months.  Restaging data to disk is possible but may be subject to significant delays.  You are therefore advised to initiate transfer of your data as soon as possible.

  • Due to the large volume of a typical imaging dataset, and the need to convert from MVF to MS format, the download link may take up to 2 weeks to generate. 

If you plan to download different channelisations of the data, please contact the service desk for assistance to reset the data conversion parameters, or make use of katdal to directly convert the data.

More details on accessing the data can be found on our help pages at Accessing and examining your data. Details of the proprietary period for your data will have been shared with you on your proposal outcome communication.

For rapid assessment of your data, we recommend inspecting the SDP calibration pipeline reports and the accompanying data products.

Further details about the archive and accessing the data are on Archive Interface User Guide.

Should you have any questions on your data please log a request in the relevant section on the service desk.