OPT workflow


PIs or technical leads of projects can prepare their schedule blocks on the https://skaafrica.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/ESDKB/pages/292356390.

Once the observation has been submitted the status changes to SUBMITTED. The block will be reviewed by the science operations team. They will check overheads, calibration strategy, LST range and constraints. If changes are needed the status will change to DECLINED and the owner of the block will be contacted by the team. The block can then be adjusted and resubmitted.

When the science operations team has approved the schedule block the status will change to ACCEPTED.

Once accepted the observation is added to the observing queue. MeerKAT does not generate its observing schedule long in advance. The block will be scheduled when the constraints are met (e.g., night time and baseline requirements) and if it fits in with the schedule.

Once scheduled the status changes to SCHEDULED.

After the observation has been run the science operations team will confirm that the data is in the archive and inspect the calibration report.

For successful observations the observation will be marked COMPLETED and the PI will receive an email containing a link to the dataset in the archive (After your observation is completed).

If there were issues with the observation it will be marked FAILED. The PI will receive an email. The block will be cloned and added back to the observing queue. The time used will not be charged to the project.

If you have questions please raise a ticket on the Service desk