2018 Open Time Call accepted proposals

A new look at old devils: imaging classical radio galaxies with MeerKAT and uGMRT

A galaxy cluster safari with MeerKAT

Mapping the NGC 7232 galaxy group with MeerKAT-64

Cluster Formation & Galaxy Evolution in Hydra I

A search for persistent radio emission associated with localised FRBs

Deep MeerKAT radio observations of the transition pulsar candidate CXOU J110926.4-650224

Deep MeerKAT HI imaging of the southern interacting galaxy pair NGC 1512/1510

MeerHOGS - The MeerKAT Habitat of Galaxies Survey

Monitoring gamma-ray binaries with MeerKAT

Radio galaxies: probing the relationship between FRI/II morphological classifications and accretion modes

Toward unveiling the nature of the largest shock structure in the Universe

Mapping HI in Abell 2626 and the tentacles of 'jellyfish' JW100

Mining Minihalos with MeerKAT

MeerKAT View of AdvACT clusters - A MERGHERS Pilot Study

Observing X-shaped Radio Galaxies with MeerKAT

MeerKAT Investigation of Planck-Herschel Galaxy Proto-Clusters at z=2-3

A High Sensitivity Full Polarization Study of Pictor A Radio Galaxy Using the MeerKAT

Radio Emission from Tidal Disruption Events

Tracing star formation in groups and filaments around a young active galaxy cluster at z = 1.46

Non-thermal emission from classical novae

MeerKAT observations of Giant Radio Galaxies in the SDSS Stripe 82

HI intensity mapping with MeerKAT: cross-correlations with WiggleZ and SDSS

MeerKAT Imaging of the Akari Deep Field South - Multi-Wavelength Time-Domain Science with MeerKAT/MeerLICHT on the way to SKA/LSST

The MeerKAT view of the Shapley Concentration

The third method to study intracluster plasmas

A Study of an Unexplored Population of “Fast” Radio Supernovae

GHz View of the TeV GRB 190114C

Mixing it up: probing radiative and mechanical feedback processes through HI in two nearby dual supermassive black hole systems

MeerKAT's unprecedented view of large-scale precessing jets: a pilot study of sub-parsec separation binary-SMBH candidates

Mapping the starburst galaxy NGC 4945 with MeerKAT-64

Searching for jet ejections in the ULX NGC 5408 X-1

HI Imaging of the ram-pressure stripped ESO 137-001 with MeerKAT

High Time Resolution Monitoring of Flares on Proxima Centauri using MeerKAT

Cross-identifying the brightest radio-sources in the southern sky

HI observations of the nearest gravitationally lensed galaxy

Two accreting X-ray binaries in their supernova remnants

MeerKAT observation of the Saraswati Supercluster (MOSS)

A2384; study of diffuse radio emission in X-ray filament with MeerKAT