Disk space calculator

This calculator estimates the download size of a measurement set (MS). These estimates should be taken into account in your data management plan, both in your plans and expectations of download times, as well as your own processing. Standard reduction methods require at least three times the disk space of the original measurement set.

Note that it is possible to download subsets of data from the archive, but you will need to request a reset of the download options (if the old MS is still available for download) before generating a new MS for download.

It is not possible to record 32K channel data at a 2 s dump rate. There is generally no real need to observe at higher than 8s dump rate unless the time resolution is needed for transient observations. It has been shown that time-smearing at 8 s is not a significant consideration for MeerKAT.  Details of relevant simulations and analysis can be found in the MeerKAT time smearing simulation report.


  • Number of antennas: We give quick estimates for a full array of 64 antennas, or a sub-array of 32.

  • Number of polarisations: If you are only planning to work with Stokes I images, selecting ‘Parallel hands only’ (XX, YY correlation products) will halve your data volume.

  • Total observation time requested: This should include all calibration and overheads, since the data capture is continuous from the start of the capture block.

  • Observation settings should be as requested in your proposal.