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The filter roll-off has a width of ~13.5 MHz for both modes, thus ~27 MHz of the digitized band is not usable. Please see the bandpass response plots for each modes in the sections below.


At the moment, the spectral imager does not run on narrowband modes. Calibration solutions are produced, however, and may help to reduce the processing time. Note that wideband continuum (4K mode) images are produced and may be useful for continuum subtraction.


The SDP calibration pipeline may flag strong spectral lines such as the Galactic HI line and masers. Users are advised when converting to MS to only use the ‘static’, ‘data_lost’, and ‘cam’ flags.

The NE_107M mode

This mode has a digitized bandwidth of 107 MHz with 32k channels (with ~13.5 MHz rolloff on either side, giving an effective bandwidth of ~80 MHz – see Figure 1). This gives a channel width of 3.3 kHz or 0.7 km/s at 1.4 GHz. It is being successfully used for the L-band LSPs MHONGOOSE and Fornax.