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The following table lists the measured Stokes I UHF flux (reference frequency band: 842.83 - 869.39 MHz) of MeerKAT UHF gain calibrators. Model fluxes are provided for the flux calibrators in the “Model Flux“ column – these are reference flux values used in the SDP pipeline calibration process and are derived from sky models of the flux calibrators. The reader is referred to the help desk section Flux Calibration, for more details. Flux calibration was done with the SARAO Science Data Processing pipeline which runs on the fly as the data is delivered to the SARAO archive. The flux model used is derived from a sky model of the flux calibrator fields that comprises of 90 of the brightest components in each flux calibrator such field.

Polarisation parameters (linear and circular polarisation, rotation measures etc.) will be added to the list below at a later stage.